San Marino in Their First Eurovision Final

San Marino's Valentina Monetta qualifies for the final after three years of trying

San Marino’s Valentina Monetta qualifies for the final after three years of trying

San Marino and Montenegro will compete in the Eurovision Final on Saturday 10th May for the first time ever, after having qualified from Tuesday’s first semi final. 

San Marino, who are represented by Valentina Monetta for the third consecutive year, have been trying to reach the finals since they first competed in 2008. Monetta’s previous attempts included an ill-fated song about facebook, which due to its numerous mentions of the social media site had to have its lyrics changed last minute. The finished product included the lyrics ‘If you want me to come to your house, just click me with your mouse’. Her second attempt (last year) saw a change in tact and went for a more operatic song with ‘Crisalide’ but still narrowly missed out on a spot in the final finishing 11th at the semi final.

Monetta is ecstatic at the result and had this to say when she came off stage, amid tears, obviously a very emotional moment for the singer ‘Yes…finally… it’s a very historical situation…’

Montenegro also have qualified for the first time with Sergej Cetkovic’s ‘Moj Svijet’. The singer had this to say on the result: ‘I am happy because Montenegro is finally in the finals. Thank you very much. Vote for Montenegro in the Final!’

Check out Monetta’s Social Network Song below:


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