Semi Final 1- Predictions

sanna2Here are my predictions ahead of tonight’s Semi Final One. Please note that the ones I think will qualify for the final on Saturday are not necessarily my favourites. For instance I actually despise the Belgian entry this year but I do think it will qualify. I am also not a huge fan of the Armenian entry but you can not deny its popularity. Let me know if you agree with my predictions. 

2nd Armenia Aram Mp3 Not Alone
11th Latvia Aarzemnieki Cake to Bake
15th Estonia Tanja Amazing
1st Sweden Sanna Nielsen Undo
10th Iceland Pollaponk No Prejudice
13th Albania Hersi One Night’s Anger
7th Russia Tolmachevy Sisters Shine
3rd Azerbaijan Dilara Kazimova Start a Fire
4th Ukraine Mariya Yaremchuk Tick Tock
6th Belgium Axel Hirsoux Mother
16th Moldova Cristina Scarlat Wild Soul
12th San Marino Valentina Monetta Maybe
14th Portugal Suzy Quera Ser Tua
9th Netherlands Common Linnets Calm After the Storm
5th Montenegro Sergej Cetkovic Moj Svijet
8th Hungary Andras Kallay- Saunders Running

Let us know what you think...

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