Eurovision That Could Have Been: Germany

Eurovision that Could Have Been
Elaiza is Germany's pick for 2014

Elaiza is Germany’s pick for 2014

Germany’s Eurovision selection process is interesting as it is not just about the artist nor is it just about the song but equal focus is given to both. Each act in the national final selects two original songs and the public vote for which is their favourite. Germany in the end opted to go for Elaiza but ‘Is It Right?’ Or is there another song that you preferred? We take a look at which songs just missed out on taking to the stage at Copenhagen.

The Baseballs ‘Goodbye Peggy Sue’

Perhaps the most famous acts in the final, I thought the Baseballs were going to be Germany’s number one pick for Eurovision 2014. With their rock-a-billy songs and style, I thought that they would offer the Eurovision something different that would set them apart from the rest of the field competing for the Eurovision title. It turned out it was just not meant to be. Have a listen to their song ‘Goodbye Peggy Sue’ below:

MarieMarie ‘Cotton Candy Hurricane’

MarieMarie was my favourite competitor in the German national selection process. Both her songs were candy themed and I really enjoyed her indie-pop vibe that she was going for. Her vocals are spectacular and a little bit reminiscent of Kate Bush and she is often accompanied with her harp. It’s such a shame she did get any further than the second round. Have a listen to ‘Cotton Candy Hurricane’:


Unheilig ‘Wir Sind Alle Wie Eins’ 

Unheilig came second to Elaiza and the vote was quite close with a 45/55% split. I feel however that this song isn’t much better than the eventual winner. Unheilig (Unholy) is fronted by Der Graf (The Count) who looks a lot like the male lead singer from Aqua only with weird coloured contact lenses, going for a gothy sort of vibe. This is in stark contrast to the song which is slow, bland ballad and is quite boring. Check out the performance below:


Which is your favourite German song? Did they make the right choice? Let us know what you think!

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