Eurovision That Could Have Been: Ireland

Would you have preferred Eoghan Quigg for Ireland?

Would you have preferred Eoghan Quigg for Ireland?

It was slim pickings for Ireland at Eurovision this year as the Late Late Show presented 5 possible runners for the contest in February. I believe the stand out song was Can Linn and Kasey Smith’s ‘Heartbeat’ which ended up winning the selection process. However there were one or two other songs that could have been contenders too. Check them out below:

Eoghan Quigg- ‘The Movie Song’

Former X-Factor runner up Eoghan Quigg chanced his arm at Eurovision with a song that sounds like something James Bourne from Busted wrote in the early noughties. The Movie Song is a fun ballad that cleverly rhymes ‘movies’ with ‘groovy’. He no doubt has some appeal, and shares fans with the likes of Niall Horan of One Direction but he was unable to join fellow X-Factor contestant Ruth Lorenzo in Denmark.


Laura O’Neill ‘You Don’t Remember Me’

There is no doubting that Laura O’Neill has a great voice. The RTE panel (amidst silly pantomime argument and accusations) compared her voice to the likes of Adele. The thing that seemed to let her down was the song. It seemed to lack anything powerful to match her powerful voice. As well as that ballads are a dime a dozen this year at Eurovision and I think Ireland made the right choice going for something with a bit more oomph.



John and Edward Grimes, better known as pop twin duo Jedward, have had a pretty successful run on Eurovision reaching the final in both 2011 and 2012 and finishing 8th with their song ‘Lipstick’ on the first of these occasions. Since then there has been a bit of a void at Eurovision for Ireland. There has lacked a certain fun factor and the two brothers had this in abundance. Although they weren’t in the running with a song this year, I feel we should campaign for them to return in 2015!


Did Ireland make the right choice? Who would you like to see represent Ireland if given the choice?


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