Semi Final 1: A Sneak Peak

JoinUs_press_1Rehearsals for both Eurovision semi finals are well underway this week and we take a wee sneak peak at them. First up it’s Semi Final 1.


First of all the stage looks incredible. It is massive and the lights are really impressive and are sure to make for an excellent Eurovision live show. In terms of sound, all the contenders are raring and ready to go and they all sound great, making it all the more difficult for us to choose who we think is the best.

Tanja’s ‘Amazing’ has a real high energy acrobatic dance performance. Iceland’s staging is colours galore as they want to spread a message of tolerance with their song ‘No Prejudice’. The Russian twins sing as a malfunctioning curtain fan is present in the background. Ukraine’s Mariya also has a weird background prop in the form of a hamster wheel and Azerbaijan’s Dilara disappoints as her song ‘Start a Fire’ seems a perfect opportunity for pyrotechnics, of which there are none. Where fire is lacking in Azerbaijan’s staging, it’s made up for in ice in Montenegro’s with ice skating background dancers. Check out the rest of the performances from rehearsal week below:

And don’t forget to pick your favourite songs from Semi Final 1 in our poll:


  1. Netherlands! Dark Horse of the Semi-Final! But best song of the contest!!!!!


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