Review: Denmark- Basim ‘Cliche Love Song’

Can Basim make it two consecutive wins for Denmark?

Can Basim make it two consecutive wins for Denmark?

I think we have saved one of the best songs for last. Defending champions Denmark are hoping to retain their Eurovision crown this year with Basim and his song ‘Cliche Love Song’. Like Alanis Morrisette before him who sang a song about ‘Ironic’ things without actually giving any examples of anything ironic, Basim sings a song about cliches but fails to mention any actual cliches in the song.

It’s hard to be mean to Basim though, it’d be like kicking a cute, little puppy. And besides the song is actually fantastic. From the Bruno Mars-esque ‘Scooby dooby bop do bedee dies’ to the pop culture references about Katy Perry and how she tastes like cherry, this song really is just a big bundle of fun. Throw into the mix some whistling and you have a tune that will be turning over and over in your head for days if not weeks.

I can just imagine that the choreographers could have immense fun with the staging of this. For some reason I can envision a 50’s diner theme with dancers on roller skates and a jukebox. (Although I may be wrong and be hugely disappointed). Regardless I have a strong feeling that this song will be battling it out for the win and who knows we could even be back in Copenhagen again next year for the Eurovision final.

Let us know what you think of Basim’s song below:

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