Armenia Still Most Viewed Video on YouTube

aram mp3


Armenia’s Aram MP3 still tops the chart for most Youtube views. Have a look below at the rest of the top ten and the bottom five.


Top 10 YouTube views overall:

1. (1) Aram MP3 (Armenia)- Not Alone (2,272,522)

2. (2) Conchita Wurst (Austria)- Rise Like a Phoenix (1,903,123)

3. (3)  Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd (Greece)- Rise Up (920,367)

4. (4) Sergej Cetkovic (Montenegro)- Moj Svijet (856,178)

5. (6) Ruth Lorenzo (Spain)- Dancing in the Rain (712,535)

6. (11) Dilara (Azerbaijan)- Start A Fire (699,598)

7. (5) Sanna Nielsen (Sweden)- Undo (697,213)

8. (9) Elaiza (Germany)- Is It Right? (684,333)

9. (7) Emma (Italy)- La Mia Citta (667,679)

10. (8) Tolmachevy Sisters (Russia)- Shine (608,469)


At the bottom of the bunch overall is Moldova.

33. (32) Suzy (Portugal)- Quero Ser Tua (158,952)

34. (35) Axel Hirsoux (Belgium)- Mother (158,871)

35. (31) Sebalter (Switzerland)- Hunter of Stars (156,723)

36. (33)The Shin and Mariko (Georgia)- Three Minutes to Earth (154,976)

37. (37) Cristina Scarlat (Moldova)- Wild Soul (151,126)


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