Review: Romania- Paula Seling and Ovi ‘Miracle’

Paula Seling and Ovi hope to maintain Romania's good Eurovision streak

Paula Seling and Ovi hope to maintain Romania’s good Eurovision streak

For die hard Eurovision fans the names of Paula Seling and Ovi may sound familiar. Well that may be because this is not the first time the duo have represented Romania in the contest. They competed back in 2010 when they finished third with their song ‘Playing With Fire’ and secured Romania’s best result to date. 

The pair are hoping to emulate their previous success this year with their entry ‘Miracle’. ‘Miracle’ is a solid ballad offering that sees the pair blast out a powerful chorus, accompanied by a piano. The song has moments where it could potentially take off, but it never seems to get there. Ultimately I feel as though the song lets down the two performers who both have great voices and who have a great chemistry with one another.

Romania have performed solidly at Eurovision and have never missed a final since the semi finals were introduced in 2004. I think they will maintain this streak with ‘Miracle’ but it will finish at the bottom end of the leader board on the finals night.

Do you agree with our summation of the Romanian entry? If not let us know what you think with your comments.

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