Review: Macedonia- Tijana ‘To the Sky’

Tijana donning some designer specks!

Tijana donning some designer specks!

Tijana is the Macedonian entry for the Eurovision this year and her ‘To the Sky’ video seems to be inspired by the Tom Cruise cult movie ‘Top Gun’. The singer struts proudly around an army airport hangar with a giant fan as a backdrop, while beautiful air force pilots in aviators, helmets and khaki strip for her. Cue close up of men’s abs as they lounge about and casually wear gas masks. Sexy!

We then move to the back seat of a vintage car where Tijana pouts in her designer, white-framed glasses as she makes out with another hot-rod, this time wearing a tuxedo. The next shot moves to the bedroom (Tijana, how kinky of you?!) where she perches suggestively on the edge of the bed with two hunks sitting at her bedside. Then theres a bath-tub shot, flashing lights, fog and fire.

The video is very entertaining and one that Lady Gaga would even be jealous of and could even learn a thing or two from. The song is quite good, with a catchy chorus and all in all is a strong effort from Macedonia who haven’t finished higher than twelfth¬†since they began competing in 1996. While I don’t see this entry beating their record, I do feel as though they’ll finish a solid 15th-20th place.

Check out Macedonia’s entry below and share your thoughts with us:


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