Review: Finland- Softengine ‘Something Better’

Can returning to rock be a successful move for Finland?

Can returning to rock be a successful move for Finland?

I can’t help but feel that Finland were served a huge injustice last year when one of my favourites Krista Siegfrids’ ‘Marry Me’ finished a lowly 24th out of 26 in the final. Picking themselves up form this bitter blow Finland have decided to return to their rock roots and to something more in keeping with their last win (Lordi), and less in keeping with fellow-Scandanavian countries this year who have all opted for contemporary pop songs.

The Finnish entry this year is ‘Something Better’ and comes from indie (almost emo/screamo) band Softengine. While the band aren’t as hard rock as Lordi, you can draw some comparisons given their heavy use of percussion and traditional band instruments; guitars, drums, bass. The lead vocals from frontman Topi Latukka are especially strong and while the song isn’t at first a stand out hit, it grows on you the more you hear it. The harmonies from other band mates are also strong especially in the refrain towards the end of the song ‘All these words…’.

It really is hard to believe that all the members in the band are teenagers given such talent lies within the five-piece. You can

tell the band’s influences  include current indie/emo groups like Bastille, 30 Seconds From Mars and Twin Atlantic.

Have a listen to the song below and share with us your thoughts:

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