Review: Switzerland- Sebalter ‘Hunter of Stars’

Sebalter hoping to secure Switzerland's third Eurovision victory

Sebalter hoping to secure Switzerland’s third Eurovision victory

Switzerland have only won the Eurovision twice, most notably with Celine Dion in 1988. This year they are hoping that Sebastiano Pau-Lessi, better known by stage name SEBalter, will be able to take the victory with his song ‘Hunter of Stars’.

The song is a fun and playful, and packed with a wide arrange of instruments; double bass, banjo, keyboards, guitar and fiddle. Add to this an effective whistling motif and some cheesy clicking and Switzerland may actually be on to something. The song’s lyrics aren’t going to be winning an Ivor Novello Songwriting awards anytime soon with gems like ‘I’m the hunter, and you the poor prey
Tonight I’m gonna eat you up,’ being just one such example.

The fun doesn’t end with the song, no we are treated to a zany, light hearted video too. Seb and his band are a real bunch of cute, cheeky, loveable rogues (which I think adds to their appeal) who work for a tyrant boss in a hotel. The boss is always scowling and demanding that work is done to a ridiculously high standard. We then cut to Sebalter in the kitchen when he is cooking up a pasta dinner and as he tosses the pasta in the pan, the boss finally gets his comeuppance when it hits him square in the face. Later the band chase one another through the hotel on a bus boy trolley and have a jamming session in the lobby.

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