Review: Poland- Donatan and Cleo ‘My Slowianie’

Slavic girls know how to use their charm and beauty.

Slavic girls know how to use their charm and beauty.

‘My Slowianie’ (or We Are Slavic for non-Polish speakers) is Donatan and Cleo’s offering for Eurovision 2014 and what an interesting offering it is.

There is a real dichotomy of rural and urban in both the song and video. The video opens with a bling bling chain hanging from a bed and a peaked cap on a bed side locker and we’re pretty sure we are in for some rap music on the streets of East London. How wrong we were, because just a second later we hear the sound of a chicken clucking and see a loaf of bread under the cap, which transports us onto Donatan and Cleo’s farm in Poland.

Then Donatan (a mix between Pitbull and Shaun Ryder from the Happy Mondays) awakes from his slumber and sounds his horn. This in turn sets into motion Cleo’s clapping sounds and dancing outside with her backing dancers while¬†together they exclaim in their catchy refrain how ‘Slavic Girls know how to use our charm and beauty. So shake what your mama gave you. Clap your hands to the music.’

Urban music tropes continue in the song when, like Jason Derulo in all his songs, Cleo shouts her own name and the name of her rapping counterpart. Then there is that other trope in rap and urban music videos: the unnecessary objectification and sexualisation of women. Cue shots of girls’ breasts as they churn butter and drink milk, letting it drip from their mouths to their chins. I can’t help but feel that these shots undermine the lyrics which try to tell us how beautiful, clever and smart that these slavic girls are.

Having said that the song is quite good, it’s infectious and I do enjoy the mix of urban hip hop styles with the more traditional elements in the instruments, dancing and costume they decide to wear. Let us know what you think of the song by leaving a comment.



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