Twitter Eurovision Battles- Preliminary Round

Twitter Battle
Eurovision battles begin!

Eurovision battles begin!

We are desperate to know what your favourite Eurovision song is this year so we have decided to let all the entries battle it out on twitter.

Each day we will pit two entries against each other by asking you to Retweet if you like option 1 or favourite if you like option 2 better. We will then whittle these entries down until only one winner is left standing.

Because there are 37 entries we will have 5 preliminary battles as follows:

Spain (Ruth Lorenzo ‘Dancing in the Rain’) v. France (TWINTWIN ‘Moustache)

UK (Molly ‘Children of the Universe’) v. Italy (Emma ‘La Mia Citta)

Belarus (TEO ‘Cheesecake’) v. Georgia (Shin and Mariko ‘Three Minutes to Earth)

Albania (Hersi ‘One Night’s Anger) v. Ukraine (Marija Yaremchuk ‘Tick Tock’)

Lithuania (Vilija ‘Attention’) v. Romania (Paula Seling and Ovi ‘Miracle)

The winners of these battles will join the other entries to form the top 32 and we’ll continue the knock out stages from there. The battles are chosen completely at random to ensure fairness.

You can follow us on twitter @tabooeurovision and can vote from there. The first battle is live now and the next four battles will go up tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. Until then get voting and we’ll keep you updated on our blog here as we go.


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