Review: Lithuania- Vilija Mataciunaite ‘Attention’

ATTENTION! Vilija is here!

ATTENTION! Vilija is here!

Vilija Mataciunaite (spell check) is Lithuania’s choice for Eurovision in 2014. ‘Attention’ is the title of her song and she commands just that from the outset. The song has a catchy hook and with the constant repetition of the title it’s hard for it not to be stuck in your head for days. 

Vilija commands not only attention but your respect. With lyrics like ‘I’m gonna make you, make you fall, d-d-d-d-down on your knees’ shows you that she isn’t gonna take any of your bullshit and is reminiscent of Beyonce’s recent ‘Bow Down Bitches’ mantra from her latest eponymous album.

Vilija continues to carve out a sexy persona for herself with her dance moves. She performs with one male dancer in a seductive routine in a sexy black tutu that has him follow her about the stage as she feigns interest in him only to ignore him at the last minute. While the choreography isn’t ground-breaking and consists mainly of a few amateurish twirls and dips, it is an effective accompaniment to the song.

I like the song and it is definitely worthy of the final, however I think it will get lost and finish in the mid-field, perhaps around 14th or 15th place. Have a listen and let us know what you think of the Lithuanian entry:

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