Review: Georgia- The Shin and Mariko ‘Three Minutes to Earth’

The Shin and Mariko host the world's worst garden party.

The Shin and Mariko host the world’s worst garden party.

Georgia have selected The Shin and Mariko as their Eurovision representative this year with a song who’s title could well be a Doctor Who episode. ‘Three Minutes to Earth’ seems like a random song title and is made no clearer when set alongside the Georgian’s weird video. The video is probably the worst garden party you will ever experience with people in attendance who could stand in as look-a-alikes for The Riddler and Glenn Close and who are accompanied by a yodelling drummer.

What else could you ask for in a Eurovision entry? Some crazy lyrics? Well The Shin and Mariko have it covered. The song would seemingly be about a group of flower-power hippies summoning an alien to earth and the wacky lyrics (when you can make them out) include ‘dazzling light of mankind’ ‘show us the way to come back to earth, sky divers’…hmmm…indeed.

The song is by no stretch of the imagination my favourite, but it is nice that they have tried something different even if it does come across as weird. I do enjoy the opening ‘Ho hey. Hey ya’ chant and along with the guitar and drums, it’s nice to see the inclusion of some maracas (why not?). The video ends with some slow motion snow falling, at least I think it’s snow, it could also be feathers from a chicken sacrifice or the ashes of a fire whizzing around the garden party.

Have a look at the Georgian entry below and share with us your thoughts:


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