Switzerland’s Sebalter least viewed video this week, Moldova least viewed overall.

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Sebalter only manages

Sebalter only manages 4,670 views this week.

Time now to look at the other end of the spectrum and at the videos with the fewest overall views. Moldova’s Cristina Scarlat now has the fewest number of views on Youtube as Latvia rise one place to 36th. Still in the bottom five are Finland and Belgium and they are this week joined by Georgia’s The Shin and Mariko.

Fewest Overall Views:

33. (32) The Shin (Georgia) Three Minutes To Earth 136,837

34. (35) Softengine (Finland) Something Better 134,738

35.(34) Axel Hirsoux (Belgium) Mother 134,105

36. (37) Aarzemmnieki (Latvia) Cake to Bake 133,684

37. (36) Cristina Scarlat (Moldova) Wild Soul 129,272

The bottom views for the week are similar to the least views overall with appearances again from Georgia and Belgium but the least viewed video this week is shockingly Switzerland’s ‘Hunter of Stars’ with only 4,670 views.

Fewest views this week:

33. Axel Hirsoux (Belgium) Mother 15, 401

34. The Shin and Mariko (Georgia) Three Minutes To Earth 13,384

35. Tinkara Kovac (Slovenia) Round and Round 10,898

36. Vilija Mataciunaite (Lithuania) Attention 6,903

37. Seabalter (Switzerland) Hunter of Stars 4,670

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