Review: Germany- Elaiza ‘Is It Right?’

Pink Joffrey Baratheon Elaiza is Germany's pick for 2014

Pink Joffrey Baratheon Elaiza is Germany’s pick for 2014

What do you get when you cross Pink and Game of Thrones’ Joffrey Baratheon, throw in an accordion, a cello and some moany vocals for good measure? You get Elaiza: Germany’s choice for Eurovision 2014.

Her song ‘Is it Right?’ is a boring, one-dimensional piece with annoying vocals that sustain overly-prolonged lyrics and notes for far too long that it becomes irritating. Elaiza’s voice is also quite annoying and it feels as though her vocals just aren’t up to scratch.

Germany haven’t fared particularly well in the contest since winning it with Lena back in 2010 and prior to that didn’t have much luck either. I was disappointed when I heard that the Germans selected Elaiza as there were at least two other candidates that I would have chosen before picking her.

Firstly the BaseBalls are known for their covers of current pop, rap and hip hop songs in their own rockabilly style. This would have been an interesting choice as I feel there is no one else in this year’s competition that are like them and would have made the German entry stand out more. Secondly MarieMarie would also have been a good shout with her Kate Bush-esque vocals and overtly ‘sweet’ pop songs ‘Cotton Candy Hurricane’ and ‘Candy Jar’ having a real fun factor to them.

Well we didn’t get either of these two acts and instead we have Elaiza, so have a listen to her song below and let us know whether or not you think ‘Is It Right?’ for Eurovision.

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