Conchita Wurst Most Viewed Song on Youtube this Week, Aram MP3 Most Viewed Song Overall.

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Aram MP3 is the most viewed act overall, while Conchita Wurst gained the most views this week.

Aram MP3 is the most viewed act overall, while Conchita Wurst gained the most views this week.

Not much has changed in the world of YouTube for the Eurovision entries with the top 5 remaining the same. Aram MP3 hit two million views this week, a good half a million views ahead of nearest rival Austria’s Conchita Wurst. In terms of climbers Ruth Lorenzo moves up two places from 8th to 6th as does Elaiza for Germany moving from 11th place to 9th. Azerbaijan has now fallen out of the top ten. Check out the complete top ten below.

Most Overall Views:

1. (1) Aram MP3 (Armenia) Not Alone 2,057,276

2. (2) Conchita Wurst (Austria) Rise Like A Phoenix 1,638,942

3. (3) Freaky Fortune feat RiskyKidd (Greece) Rise Up 875,996

4. (4) Sergej Cetkovic (Montenegro) Moj Svijet 800,077

5. (5) Sanna Nielsen (Sweden) Undo 648,037

6. (8) Ruth Lorenzo (Spain) Dancing in the Rain 624,332

7. (7) Emma (Italy) La Mia Citta 604,420

8. (6) Tolmachevy Sisters (Russia) Shine 590,743

9. (11) Elaiza (Germany) Is It Right 572,432

10.(9) Molly (United Kingdom) Children of the Universe 570,631


However if we look at only views from this week and not overall we see a different story, with Conchita Wurst racking up the most views.And a few surprise appearances from Poland, Israel and Denmark.

Most views this week:

1. Conchita Wurst (Austria)- Rise Like A Phoenix 185,256

2. Aram MP3 (Armenia)- Not Alone 152,735

3. Elaiza (Germany)- Is It Right 97,825

4. Ruth Lorenzo (Spain)- Dancing in the Rain 79,812

5.  Donatan and Cleo (Poland)- Slavic Girls 72,799

6.Emma (Italy)- La Mia Citta 59,577

7.  Maria Yaremchuk (Ukraine)- Tick Tock 54,651

8. Mei Finegold (Israel)- Same Heart 51,096

9. Sergej Cetkovic (Montenegro)- Moj Svijet 47,410

10.  Basim (Denmark)- Cliché Love Song 47,329


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