Review: Montenegro- Sergej Cetkovic ‘Moj Svijet’

Sergej does his best Daniel O'Donnell impression for Montenegro

Sergej does his best Daniel O’Donnell impression for Montenegro

As the birds chirp and the church bells ring the Montenegrin Eurovision song ‘Moj Svijet’ (or ‘My World’ in English) begins and sets the tone for the rest of the beautiful ballad. Then the flutes and strings kick in and I must admit there is something that an Irish man with a fondness for traditional music can truly identify with. I would go a bit further and even say it’s as if the Montenegrin selection committee went out of their way to find a Daniel O’Donnell impersonator and gave him a song that sounds very much like Westlife’s ‘My Love’, especially when we get as far as the chorus.

The video really showcases Montenegro’s beautiful, vast and diverse landscape; waterfalls, sunrises, beaches, countryside. It is almost like a Montenegrin Tourist Board advert.

The song however falls down in a number of areas. Firstly the singer Sergej Cetkovic lacks any sort of star quality. He looks bored as he sings and I think this lack of enthusiasm will show when he comes to performing the song in May. Secondly I think the song will suffer because it is not in English. I’m not saying that every song has to be sung in English (for example France’s entry is my favourite this year) however you can tell what Sergej is singing about is beautiful, I think it’d be an added bonus if we knew what it meant. Have a listen for yourself below:


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