Review: Italy- Emma Marrone ‘La Mia Citta’

Emma Marrone's La Mia Citta is a great pop song

Emma Marrone’s La Mia Citta is a great pop song

Amici di Maria De Filippi is kind of a more upmarket, Italian version of Britain’s Got Talent where competitors from different backgrounds; singing, songwriting, playing an instrument, dancing, even actors and TV presenters vie for judges attention and to win the show. And Italy’s Eurovision representative for this year Emma Marrone did just that in 2010. She has since come back onto the show to act as a judge.

Emma Marrone’s style can be compared to that of modern pop star Katy Perry and even at times has hints of Lady Gaga with Mickey Mouse ears, weird dresses and glasses, all of which can be seen in the video for her entry ‘La Mia Citta’.

The song itself is a great wee pop song with a great bridge and chorus. Marrone’s voice is quite deep which I really like and I think gives the song a real edge. I would love to see the song do well but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have much of a following with either fans of the Eurovision or with the bookies.

Have a listen and let us know your thoughts:

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