Review: Iceland- Pollaponk ‘No Prejudice’

Pollaponk hoping to spread a message of 'No Prejudice' for Iceland

Pollaponk hoping to spread a message of ‘No Prejudice’ for Iceland

Now, isn’t this what Eurovision is all about right here? A nice upbeat pop song performed by a few Euro-weirdos with a slight but not too specific or overbearing message of peace, love and unity. I think this song is hugely underrated and at the end of the day is just a bit of fun.

The fun kicks off from the outset with the drums kicking us off with a bit of a bang. The video is colourful with blues, reds, yellows, greens, pinks and purples filling up the screen as Pollaponk, the Icelandic entry for this year’s Eurovision ‘la la la la la’ their way through their song ‘No Prejudice’.

The video has a tongue-in-cheek storyline complete with nasty villain who dresses in black and white and who has locked the band up in the cage. The villain holds prejudices against everyone and the band are here to teach him the error of his ways, freeing themselves and spreading tolerance in the process.

The lyrics in this song are just amazing. This line in particular being my favourite:

‘I might stutter when I speak. But there’s no need to call me a freak. It’s not trigonometry. Inside we’re the same.’

Cue daft dancing with oversized cardboard guitars. Hilarious. Hopefully you’ll appreciate its brilliance like I do:

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