Former Eurovision Star’s New Song an Inspiration for Young Gay Men

Ellen Wants to Interview Eurovision Star Ryan Dolan

Ellen Wants to Interview Eurovision Star Ryan Dolan

Ryan Dolan, who last year represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest, has released a new song that has gained a lot of world wide attention. The song ‘Start Again’ deals with issues of confused sexuality, bullying depression and even suicide. The song was written by Dolan partly through his own experiences and partly to inspire young gay men to be more open about their sexuality and to encourage them to talk to someone about it.

Dolan, who recently came out to his family, had this to say:

‘When I came out my whole family were completely accepting and really supportive and I just thought I spent all those years worrying about their reaction and I shouldn’t have.’

The video for ‘Start Again’ shows two teenage boys who are in love but are not able to express this love. In the end this inability to communicate and talk openly has tragic consequences. Dolan hopes that his video will help people going through a similar experience and that it will even have the power to save lives.

The song has gained both local attention with news channel UTV interviewing the Strabane- born singer earlier this week which you can see here, but has also been thrust into the international spotlight with American TV show host megastar Ellen Degeneres interested in interviewing Dolan following almost a million hits for the video on YouTube. The small town of Strabane has undergone a lot of change in opinions in the past few years and even boasts its own gay bar, something which was the subject of Channel 4 documentary ‘The Most Remote Gay Bar in the UK.’

Check out Ryan Dolan’s ‘Start Again’ below:


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