Sweden Change Their Lyrics After Criticism

Sanna Nielsen to 'Undo' her grammatically incorrect lyrics.

Sanna Nielsen to ‘Undo’ her grammatically incorrect lyrics.

The Swedish Eurovision entry for this year’s competition Sanna Nielsen has had to make a slight change to the lyrics for her song ‘Undo’. The change comes after the song had received some disparaging comments from critics and fans who say the song, which is written in English, doesn’t make grammatical sense.

The chorus with the lines ‘Undo my sad. Undo what hurts so bad…’ has been slightly altered to ‘Undo my sad love…’. Which, in my opinion doesn’t make a terrible amount of sense either.

The change marks a ridiculous PC-Culture that we now live in. Part of Eurovision’s charm is the bad translations and pronunciations of english phrases and words for people who’s first language is not English. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Perhaps it is more a publicity stunt from the Swedish team to keep the song in the spotlight as it battles it out with Armenia’s Aram MP3 to be the bookies’ favourite to take home the prize in Copenhagen on 10th May.

Listen to the original track here and let us know your thoughts by commenting on this post.


5 thoughts on “Sweden Change Their Lyrics After Criticism

  1. I am American and this is my first year watching Eurovision. I LOVE this song! As far as the grammar issue, I say who cares? American song writers and performers do weird things with lyrics and grammar in order to rhyme or sound poetic all the time. “Undo my sad” never bothered me!


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