Review: Ukraine- Maria Yaremchuk ‘Tick Tock’

Ukraine's Maria Yaremchuk

Ukraine’s Maria Yaremchuk

With a song title like ‘Tick Tock’ I was expecting something in a similar vein to Ke$ha’s song of the same name or even Gwen Stefani’s ‘What You Waiting For?’ Well not quite. Maria Yaremchuk is Ukraine’s choice for Eurovision 2014 and while she isn’t necessarily a world class act like Gwen or Ke$ha, she does have some merits.


Firstly kudos for staying away from the ballad-bandwagon. ‘Tick Tock’ is an up tempo number full of whistles, the singer’s high-pitched vocals and as it gradually picks up pace it climaxes at the end with the sudden affirmation of the title of the song. The lyrics are great too. In no way are they innovative nor are they anything we haven’t heard before, however in true Eurovision nonsense lyrics style we have been offered up these lines:

“Tick Tock. Can you hear me go tick tock? My heart is like a clock and steady as a rock. Shh don’t stop, kiss and kiss me ’til I drop. My heart is like a clock, you wind it with your love.’

The video sees the beautiful Maria wear a trendy hat, stand side by side with backing dancers dressed in tuxedos who seem to have used Loreen’s crab-dancing as inspiration, and have spotlights intermittently shone on them throughout.

At the tender age of 21 Maria has already quite a few achievements under her belt that many seasoned performers would be envious of. She finished fourth in Ukraine TV show Holos Krayiny aka The Voice Ukraine, a show that previous Eurovision winner Ruslana has sat on the mentoring panel. In addition to this Maria also came third representing Ukraine in the international youth competition New Wave in 2012. It would seem that she gets a place higher every competition she enters, so surely that means she’ll finish second at Eurovision?

I wish I could say that this was true because I really like the song. Unfortunately it would appear that the bookies are touting a ballad for the win and this song should come easily inside the lower end of the top ten.

Have a listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts:


2 thoughts on “Review: Ukraine- Maria Yaremchuk ‘Tick Tock’

  1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah I think she’s very good, hopefully she’ll do well in May 🙂 Have you any other favourite entries this year? We’re huge fans of France, the Netherlands and Belarus.


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