Review: Russia- Tolmachevy Sisters ‘Shine’

Russia picks Big Brother UK Series 8 runners up Sam and Amanda Tolmachevy Sisters for Copenhagen

Russia picks Big Brother UK Series 8 runners up Sam and Amanda Tolmachevy Sisters for Copenhagen


Twins have had a decent run in the past few years at Eurovision. Most notably there was two successful appearances for Ireland with Jedward in 2011 and 2012. On the other side of the coin Slovakia’s TWiiNS in 2011 failed to qualify for the final with their song ‘I’m Still Alive’. 2014 and it’s Russia’s turn to try the twin approach. The Tolmachevy Sisters are hoping to out-‘Shine’ their competition and qualify for the final this year.


There are a number of things that will work against Russia in this year’s competition. Firstly the song is a ballad and is competing in a field full other ballads which are much better, most notably Sweden and Denmark’s entries. Secondly the song is quite forgettable. The chorus isn’t catchy enough, and there is no real hook. The twins themselves seem to lack any personality and this shows is the drab white video which looks quite dated with fairy lights, glitter and old fashioned microphones.


Then there is the politics. Russia’s recent annexation of the Ukrainian province in the Crimea will have a possible effect on how the rest of Europe will vote in the contest. Add to this Russia’s unwillingness to overturn LGBT propaganda laws also could well have a negative effect on the votes they receive given the Eurovision’s popularity amongst the LGBT community.


No matter the politics the bookies seem to think that Russia are in with an okay chance of doing well at this year’s contest giving them odds of 25/1, which puts them at twelfth favourites. Decide what you think for yourself by listening to the entry below and let us know your thoughts with a comment.

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