Review: Belarus- TEO ‘Cheesecake’

TEO doesn't wanna be your sweet cheesecake!

TEO doesn’t wanna be your sweet cheesecake!

Let’s face it, music and desserts have a long history. Just look at Shanks and Bigfoot’s- ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’, Jack Johnson’s- ‘Banana Pancakes’, and  Mika’s- ‘Lollipop’. The sex appeal of dessert in music is undeniable, Christina Aguilera is looking for her ‘Candyman’, even 50 Cent wants to take you to the ‘Candy Shop’. He wants to let you lick his lollipop etc. etc. Well it’s time for Belarus to get in on this and up their sex appeal. It would seem that TEO (think the Belarusian Robin Thicke with Guiseppe from Eastenders’ goatee) is the man for the job.

His dessert of choice is cheesecake, and instead of jumping on the 50 Cent band wagon of using the dessert to take the place of sexual body parts, he sings instead of how he’s fed up chasing after a woman, doing everything for her and gets nothing in return. He’s had enough. He’s sick of being her toy, looking all over Google Maps for her and he’s fed up of being her sweet cheesecake.

Pardon the pun but the song is a bit on the cheesy side, but that’s what’s fun about it and sure isn’t that what Eurovision is all about? Take for instance my favourite line from the song ‘You showed me dance. But I’m no Patrick Swayze, you’re no Jennifer Grey’. Lyrical gold! Having said that the effort is a bit ‘half-baked’, and the video is definitely missing a trick by not having lots and lots of cheesecake in it!

Odds have the song as not making it terribly far up the scoreboard, but I’m optimistic it’ll do well enough. It’s amongst my top 5 favourites this year but what do you think? Have a listen and share your thoughts below.

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