Review: United Kingdom- Molly ‘Children of the Universe’



In the recent past the United Kingdom have attempted to draw in acts that are household names across Europe to aid them in their quest to gain more votes and finish a little bit higher up the pecking order on the scoreboard in the Eurovision final. That’s why last year we had Bonnie Tyler, the year before that saw crooner Englebert Humperdink take to the stage and in the year prior to that they sent hugely successful boy band Blue. This however has proven unsuccessful with all three acts failing to even break into the top 10.


Blue (2011) 11th Place

Engelbert Humperdink (2012) 25th place

Engelbert Humperdink (2012) 25th place

Bonnie Tyler (2013) 19th Place

Bonnie Tyler (2013) 19th Place






This year they are changing tact. Instead of focusing on a well known act, the UK have instead put emphasis on the song. They’ve gone with Molly Smitten-Downes, a releatively unknown singer who although having an album under her belt and who has worked with Swedish dance act Basshunter in the past, is by no means a household name. The result is a powerful song with astounding vocals and a repetitive chorus which may see the UK fare better in the final than they have in previous years.

For Doctor Who and Torchwood fans you would be forgiven for thinking the song who’s title is ‘Children of the Universe’ was inspired by Torchwood mini-series ‘Children of Earth’. I’ve been informed that there is, unfortunately, no link. The odds for the song have been slashed in the past few days, but this happens every year with the UK as national pride takes over and people begin to bet on their own country.  It therefore probably has no real reflection on how good the song will do come May 10th. I do think it is a slight improvement on last year’s entry. It’s fresher, more current and may see UK crack the top ten. Let us know what you think of its chances by commenting below.

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