Review: France- TWIN TWIN ‘Moustache’


TWIN TWIN want to grow a ‘Moustache’

This year I’m going to start off the reviews with my favourite entry from the list. The song that has captured my heart the most this time round is not one about ever-lasting love, about struggling through the tough times, about overcoming obstacles that stands in the way of true love. No my favourite song is about a man’s inability to grow a moustache.

TWIN TWIN are France’s entry this year and despite the song not being performed in English, you will still find yourself humming away and recalling some of your GCSE French from school. See if you can pick out or remember the meaning of these words in the song:

1. dans ma voiture?

2. C’est fou?

3. Je veux ci je veux ça?

4. C’est comme ci c’est comme ça?

5. Mon corps est une machine de guerre?

Think you know what any of that means then comment with your guess below!

The song is funny, memorable and I know if I heard it on a night out, I’d be the first one to tear up the dance floor. The video sees the band compete in a 70’s game show, presumably to win the much coveted facial hair that they sing about in the song. Unfortunately the song has not been touted by the bookies to do that well, the best odds have it at as a rank outsider at 100/1. Hopefully it will gain some momentum closer to the final, especially since I put a wee fiver on it to place in the top 4. Check it out for yourself here and let us know what you think:

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