NOW WHERE THEY AT?: Lena Meyer Landrut

Lena Meyer Landrut

Lena Meyer Landrut

Some of our previous Eurovision acts can’t get enough of the contest.That’s why after having won with ‘Satellite’ in 2010, Lena Meyer Landrut returned to defend her title the following year. In between her two Eurovision outings Lena released her debut album  ‘My Cassette Player’ which topped the charts in her native Germany which featured folky songs like ‘Bee’ and ‘Touch a New Day’.

After her second appearance at Eurovision another studio album followed and included her Eurovision hit ‘Taken By a Stranger’. Lena returned to the Eurovision stage again in 2012, this time not as a contestant but as part of the interval act which included fellow winners Alexander Rybak, Dima Bilan and Ell and Niki.

In 2013 she released her third studio album which saw a change in her music style, perhaps due to the increasing popularity of acts such as Lana Del Ray. You can see the effect of such singers in her singles like ‘Neon’ and ‘Stardust’, the latter also serves as the title of the album.

Lena has performed the theme tune to the German version of Sesame Street since 2012, has voiced the German dubbed versions of several animated films including voicing Jane in Tarzan, and currently sits on The Voice of Germany Kid’s panel of mentors.

Lena returned to her Eurovision roots yet again in 2013 to deliver Germany’s televotes. Lena is about to embark on recording her fourth studio album later this year.

Do you have a favourite Lena song? Then why not vote in our poll below. Or is there some other interesting piece of information you know about what she’s done since, that we didn’t pick up on, then why not share with us. Check back with us tomorrow for another NOW WHERE THEY AT?

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